Sheridan Prize for Art

WINNERS AND HONORABLE MENTIONS for the 12 Categories of Art and Artists have been chosen by the 10 jurors and 2 popularly voted awards.  Please check out the links below in red to see the winner and 5 honorably mentioned works of art for artists from the 9 counties of the Bay Area, who have submitted your work here for the first Sheridan Prize for Art!  This Prize for Art – which is the first ever regional art prize created for Bay Area artists – is now closed for more entries, and now also closed for voting for your favorite artwork.  Voting ended Nov. 14.

There will be prizewinners in each of 12 categories of art below and also 5 Honorable Mentions per category for a total of 72 cash awards in the first major series of Art Prizes dedicated to acknowledging, celebrating and showcasing the best art of the San Francisco Bay Area.  The 12 Winners will also receive an essay written on their work by longtime Bay Area art critic Harry Roche.  Please check in during the coming days as the awards are announced and the essays revealed, as soon as they are written.

Please click on the links below to visit the different groups of art and artists who have participated in this historic Prize for Art.

For Artists interested in participating in this Prize, entry into the Sheridan Prize for Art is now closed for 2021.  For those artists who had entered their art here, participating was just $10.00 per work, except for Incarcerated Artists who participated at no charge. Artists could enter up to six works, in any of the 10 open and juried categories. Artists could upload their work first – and then pay for all their uploaded art at one time. Artists could even enter the same work in more than one category, as each category is juried completely separately.  The Artists’ Choice and the People’s Choice voting now also over, and the results will be announced very soon!

Awards will be announced as soon as possible after the end of day on November 14, 2021.  Please visit now and visit afterwards to see the results!

If you are an artist living, working, studying art – or if your art is about or was created in the 9 counties of the San Francisco Bay Area, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano or Sonoma – you have come to the first regional Art Prizes ever held in the Bay Area.

The Sheridan Prize for Art is being created as the first of an annual online opportunity for ALL visual artists to showcase your work and possibly win a cash prize in the area of art in which you work.

This Prize for Art also wishes to promote and celebrate artists who have traditionally been left out of many competitions because of cost or prejudice, in order to give you, the artist, choices among which kind of art or among which group of artists you wish to show your art.

Much of the best art of the Bay Area goes unacknowledged and unknown, remaining a secret except for a few. This first series of art prizes hopes to begin to raise the profile of living artists in this region and to create an ongoing platform to show the best art the Bay Area has to offer, regardless of the artist’s reputation, history, sales or resume.

The art shown in this series of art prizes will be chosen by 10 jurors, one juror for each individual category, who are themselves artists, and 2 of the 12 awards will be voted on by your fellow artists or by the public.

This Prize for Art hopes to finally and after so long begin to treat artists as the great, creative human resource that we are and by acknowledging, honoring and celebrating the art of the Bay Area allow us to take our rightful place as a profoundly significant force in the culture of our time and our place.