Artist’s Choice Award

This was a two minute improvisational drawing made in the last session March 2020 before the studio shut down post-pandemic.

The Artist’s Choice for the winning image is “Adrielle; 2020” by Arlene Diehl

Read An Original Essay On The Winning Artwork.

Honorable Mentions

The painting depicts women relaying a positive message of uplifting and empowering them in their resilience & diversity.

“Unapologetically Resilient 1” by Durba Sen

Mixed Media Collage made with used California Lottery Scratchers tickets

“Eyes on the Prize” by Stephen Bourque

Yellow Roadway, ,acrylic on canvas,36x24

“Yellow Roadway” by Sofia Carmi

Jerry, Wood,Tin, Copper and Paint 66" x 22.5" x 12" 2022

“Jerry” by Robert Haemmerling

A surrealist’s spiritual journey

“A Surrealist’s Spiritual Journey” by Nathan Foxton

VOTING for your favorite artworks in this Artists’ Choice Award ran run from November 9, 2023 through the end of day November 22, 2023! If you are a participating artist for this year I hope you voted.

The Artists’ Choice used Rank Choice Voting with each artist having up to 8 choices of artwork they could choose among the 749 works, ranking them by preference. The computer then ran a program to choose the top 6 works from among all those votes. And these are the results. Democracy in art can be a great thing. Artists voting for artists.

There is 1 winning artwork and 5 honorable mentions. The winning work of art and honorable mentions are now viewable on this page. Come back often and see these works that were voted for BY THE ARTISTS THEMSELVES!