Sheridan Prize for Art

Vera was born and raised in Soviet Union, Moscow region, where her whole family still resides.

As a curious and wondering spirit, she moved to the United States at the end of year 2000. In 2005 she ended up in California where her artistic journey started at the age of 26. “A bit of a late bloomer” as she jokingly calls herself, Vera did not have any art education or even a thought or desire of becoming an artist. After her first original painting titled “I want to sleep in peace” had had a great response among her friends, it became clear that it is something she should be pursuing. For years she didn't take it seriously and treated it as a hobby. But time has passed and, alas, she can’t think of doing anything else for the rest of her life.

Vera’s art is created exclusively by brush and acrylic paint on canvas. It is often described as intricate, whimsical, spiritual, visionary, intuitive, inspirational, philosophical, and even psychedelic. The surrealistic motives and hidden illusions make her style of painting truly unique and recognizable. And one thing it is for sure is … colorful! It has been shown around at local shops, cafes, restaurants and galleries in the East Bay Area, and mainly Alameda, where she has been residing for the past 14 years. She curated many exhibits here herself throughout the years but prefers actually creating to the “hustle-bustle of curating”.

In 2017 another vision came into the picture, and since then she has been investing her timeand resources into designing kids’ and adults’ apparel using her art, all while maintaining her main source of income – a server job at an Italian restaurant.

What you have in front of you is energy work in the way she can express it the best. Vera’s pieces have unique signature vibrational frequencies that they carry – some represent different layers of reality, some - healing and manifesting energies, some are simply to evoke a sense of peace that is so important to maintain within this physical reality for one’s wellbeing… With an open heart you are invited to share in the part of her world.

Vera Tour - Juror