Sheridan Prize for Art

I studied architecture, mechanical drawing, mechanical engineering, and art history. My Photography started as a hobby until a change in life and career. Now a Photographer for 26 years my direction has included Landscape, Architecture, Event, Product, and Portrait images. Interned with Richard Stillman Portrait Photographer/ Maimi, Hollywood, and Blackhawk. My Photography, Lighting and Studio work are self and book-taught.
I started With my first Studio in 'Walnut Creek CA in 95 of 200sq ft I did advertising sales by day and photography evenings, weekends, and on request, as well my adverting and publishing busniess required my photo skills in product, architecture, and portrait work.
In 2004 I opened Bridgehead Studio, a photography studio in Alameda CA
In 2009 I opened The Shop, a space for wood and metal makers as well as motorcycle, boat, and auto restoration.
in 2014 I opened Jingletown Art Studios a collective of painters, drawers, fabric artists, and assemblage artists.
In 2009 along with 2 other galleries in Alameda we started Estuary Art Attack known now as 2nd Friday in Alameda and Oakland. The Monthly event quickly grew to a 16 gallery local event showcasing local emerging as well as established artists.
As operator of these spaces I curated, hung, and marketed monthly shows. We are now operating with quarterly open studios at Jingletwon Art Studios

Chuck DiGuida - Juror