Sheridan Prize for Art

The 2021 Sheridan Prize for Art Archive

Murphy pulls inspiration from the exciting and timely nexus of art, science, and technology. Shapes from nature, themes from neurobiology, observations of light, constructs of western abstraction and the geometries of Asian color fields all energize his work. Sometimes flights of fantasy cannot be denied. The ongoing series 'Curious Maps of Impossible Places' nods to landscapes that simply cannot be! Traditional media and digital processing are often combined in the final artwork.

Murphy dove fully into gaining some understanding how brain networks and neurotransmitters contribute to both healthy and unusually wired brains. Researching, sketching, then painting an image that results from that research proved to be an effective way to learn. He constantly encourages both artists and non-artists to draw as part of their learning process. Often that drawing is on his own finished artworks! As science probes the wondrous structure of our brains, and as we expand our limited knowledge of our brain's functioning, he plans to be along for the ride and continue to paint this subject that enraptures him.

Neil Murphy

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