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Djinn ne Carl Lewis

2022 Author, 'Flow, Exercises in Spatial Control', published by Preying Wabbit Press
2018 Co-founder Lenape Creative Group, a New Media company
2008 Co-founder institute of Bio-aesthetic Design
1996 Work chosen for inclusion in the Curriculum Guide for the Museum of African American Heritage and Culture
1994 Co-founder / Director Skate Away from Violence (recognized by U.S. Health, Education and Welfare) and Kente Kids. Dallas TX
1987 Founder / Principal, imajinnMEDIA
1982 Owner / Principal the Grey Scale, Hartford CT (Clients were Aetna Insurance, United Technologies, Connecticut Black Republican Party)
1979 Entered the Art World

A creative business person as well as visual artist/designer/photographer I've been a producing artist and involved in the Creative Arts for over 40 years. My capacities have ranged from founding and running the Grey Scale, graphic design and photography studio, to managing the fine arts furniture studio of the late Jose Marmol, and sitting on numerous non-profit Boards. For 5 years I was a member of the Dallas Public Arts Committee; co-founded and designed an at-risk youth art program called Skate Away from Violence. I've sat on the Board of Miraflores Music Academie since my arrival in California.
I am the only photographer in the world to have captured live laser illusions with an analog camera and slow film in 1979, and conceptualizer of 'Inferential Imagery'. I co-authored "Lumiere Capturee", the captured laser light book.
Images from my oeuvre are in the permanent collections of: the Brooklyn Museum, Museum of Fine Art Houston, Amon Carter, NYC Public Library's Schomburg Collection, and Anacostia Community Museum.
The work is referenced in Deborah Willis' "Reflections in Black: A History of Black Photographers 1840 to the Present".

Former Member, Texas Commission on the Art Artist-in-Education (5 years) Former Member, Plano Public Art Committee (2 years)

"Artistically as a visual artist and designer I've always thought myself a bit 'Panasonic', you know 'slightly ahead of the time'. My body of work is a diamond slowly turning in the air, the scintillating shards of colors like the weaving of a light carpet.
The late John J. Jasinski former Collection Manager for Southland (7-11) Corp. wrote the following about the works, "'Carl takes disparate elements and weaves them into a coherent whole.'"
The imagery began with ancient, Classical and traditional elements, themes and processes that subsequently began evolving into some 'avant garde, New Millennium Pop', .... soon-to-be immersive installations. Rooted in sacred geometry and al khemia the photographic and photo-sourced images incorporate iconography and mythos from ancient indigenous cultures with my love of cartoons.
The conceptual aspect of my imagery is the Lumiere Capture facet, images that are the nexus and extrapolation of Josef Albers' color studies and Rudolf Arnheim 's pattern recognition work. With these images I seek to replicate the experiences of sacred psychotropic events, and assess the response of humans to and through altering the colors of the laser patterns I photographed.
The sole constant thread throughout the work is my love affair with light and color.

Carl Lewis

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