Sheridan Prize for Art

The 2021 Sheridan Prize for Art Archive

Art Shows/Projects

What Lies Over, Under, Above, and Through
1999, Art Works Studios, Livermore, CA
This was an art show I did that was curated by Linda Ryan and Dennis Hare. It was my first real exposure to the art world. It happened at Art Works Studios which was a art collective run by my father in the late 90s to early 2000s. The show was about lies in art and had a focus on Acrylic Gels.

The Cat and Dog Art Show
2004, The Art of Presentation Gallery, Pleasanton, CA
This was a group art show that benefited cat and dog adoption agencies. I was the featured artist in the show and my art piece was on the postcard for the show.

Colin Hurley Solo Art show
2006, Linda Ryan Fine Art Gallery, Livermore, CA
This was an art show I did where over 100 people attended and it was written about in the local newspaper, The Independent. In it, I focused on paintings and interesting things I found like mannequins and decor items that I changed into more psychedelic art.

Colin, Cats, and Flamingos
2009, Crepes De Art, Hayward, CA
In this art show I showed more of my animal portraits. A person from the CSU East Bay school newspaper wrote an article about it.

Let’s Hear It For The Cat!
2014, Lottie Rose Art Gallery, Oakland, CA
This was a show I curated about cat art. In the following four years, every September, I did a cat art show which included “the cat pARTy”, “Feline Trouble”, and “Haunted by a Cat”. All were well attended and publicized.

Pipe Dreams
2015, Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland, Oh
At this event, me and a bunch of other artists helped by Tom Franco, painted murals on giant cylinder forms made of concrete.

Pipe Brothers
2016, Arizona State University Ceramics Gallery, Phoenix, Az
This was an art show run by Tom and James Franco where we went to a factory that made giant sewer pipes and we carved into them and glazed art onto them and then had a show about them.

Bay Area People
2017, Lottie Rose Art Gallery, Oakland, CA
Bay Area People, a local TV show, toured the art space I live at and interviewed me and my art.

Colin Hurley’s Cubism
2017, Firehouse Art Collective Adeline, Berkeley, CA
This was a funny show I did which was really just a solo show. The title was silly and appreciating cubism.

The Spirit of Stockholm
2017, Stockholm, Sweden
In this show, I worked with Iris Torres and Tom Franco and other artists to take found objects around Stockholm and create surrealist art out of them for a gallery show.

Wardenclyffe Home Mural
2018 Oakland, CA
In this mural, me and a group of artists painted Steampunk themed art on the top of a condominium building next to the art house I live at.

COCO Miami Art Basel Week 2018
2018, Miami Beach, Fl
In this exhibit, me and Tom Franco showed new paintings for Art Basel

Outside Lands
2019 San Francisco, CA
During this live music festival which was attended by tens of thousands of people, me and a couple other artists, under the sponsorship of NUG, did live painting.

Know Going Back
2021 USA
In this project, me, Tom Franco, Iris Torres, and a few other artists traveled the country preaching the gospel of art. We did murals, we did painting again at Art Basel, we did a museum show, we visited over ten states, and we did it in a painted bus and it lasted over two months, and we filmed our whole process and are working on a movie based on it right now.

Colin Hurley’s Cat-Astrophe!
2022 Reno, Nevada
This is a solo art show in which I show about 90 portraits of cats in Reno, Nevada.

Colin Hurley

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I am an illustrator in Oakland. I’ve been working on art for 23 years. My idea, "The Painter of Cats", is a riff on the artist, Thomas Kinkade, whose brand was called "The Painter of Light". I'm currently represented by the gallery, Makers Paradise, which is in downtown Berkeley, California, and Firehouse Art Collective, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been in over a dozen art shows, many I have curated. Articles in publications such as W Magazine, Out Magazine, and New York Style Guide have mentioned my name and photos in regards to various art projects I've been a part of. I was one of the lead artists in a mural project on Wardenclyffe Homes condominium in Oakland. My most popular art shows have been a series of celebrations of cats. They are searchable online, and go by the names, "Let's Hear It For The Cat!", "the cat pARTy", "Feline Trouble" and "Haunted By A Cat". I just finished a art tour project across the United States called “Know Going Back”. Next, I'm having a solo show in Reno called "Colin Hurley's Cat-Astrophe!"