Sheridan Prize for Art

The 2021 Sheridan Prize for Art Archive

Alec MacLeod
5324 Lawton Avenue
Oakland, California 94618
1981-1983 Stanford University, Stanford, CA. Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture.
1972-1976 Hampshire College, Amherst, MA. Bachelor of Arts. Applied Philosophy (Studio)

2021 Vermont Studio Center (Virtual): Creative Imperative
2011 Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT. Writer’s grant.

Divulge (2022) d’Art Center, Norfolk VA (juried)
Food for Thought (2022) District Arts, Frederick, MD (juried)
Emotions – 2021 Exhibizone, Biafarin Online Exhibition (juried)
Digital, Collage, Assemblage (2021) Las Laguna Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA (juried)
Happiness – 2021 Exhibizone, Biafarin Online Exhibition (juried)
aRT4Animals (2021) Red Bluff Art Gallery, Red Bluff, CA (juried)
Art of Healing (2021) SIY Gallery, San Francisco, CA (juried)
Home Sick (2021) The Art Effect, Poughkeepsie, NY (juried)
16th Annual Small Works Show (2020) 440 Gallery, Brooklyn NY (juried)
Fresh Art 2020 Marin Society of Artists, virtual (juried)
Small Impressions 19, Northwind Arts Center, Port Townsend, WA (juried)
Fall Small Works Show Kansas City Stockyards Gallery, Kansas City, MO (juried)
Boundless Art Fluent, virtual (juried)
Fresh Art 2020 Marin Society of Artists, San Rafael, CA (juried)
Small Works 2020 Core New Art Space, Lakewood CO (juried)
Humanity (2020) Cultural Center of Cape Cod, South Yarmouth, MA (juried)
2020 Political Discord (2020) Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA (juried)
CASPFEST: National Juried Exhibition (2020) Charles Adams Studio Project, Lubbock, TX
Waters (2020) Contemporary Art Room Gallery, virtual (juried)
2nd Half (2020) Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA (juried)
August Group Show (2020) Jones Gallery, Kansas City, MO (juried)
Defend + Defund (2020) New Media Caucus, virtual (Invitational)
50|50 (2020) Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA (juried)
We Live in Real Time (2020) Printed Matter, New York
Heimweh*Homesickness (2016) Project Space Tête, Berlin (invitational, Anke Becker, curator)
Fernweh*the good life (2015) Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, Nebraska City, NE (invitational, Anke Becker, curator)
Animal Instincts (2015) Art-o-Mat, various locations. (curated)
Small Works (2014) Art Works Downtown, San Rafael, CA (juried)
Collect! (2014) Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley CA (juried)
10x10x10, (2014) Mighty Tieton Gallery, Tieton, WA (juried)
Less is More, (2014) The Mitchell Gallery, St. Johns College, Annapolis, MD (juried)
Ossuary, (2014) Heron Galleries, University of Indiana, Indianapolis, IN (invitational)
Beauty Matters: the Chautauqua National Juried Exhibition, (2014) Richmond, KY.
Small Works 2014, (2014) Limner Gallery. Hudson, New York. (juried)
City of Tiny Lights, (2013) Salisbury University Art Galleries, Salisbury, Maryland. (juried)
Small Works Show, (2013) Chait Galleries Downtown. Iowa City, Iowa. (juried)
All Things Unexplained (2013) Kennedy Heights Art Center. Cincinnati, Ohio. (juried)
Ossuary, (2013) University of Tennessee Downtown Gallery, Knoxville, Tennessee (invitational)
Recent Work, (2013) Café Arrivederci. San Rafael, California. (solo exhibition)
Transport: Where we go from here…, (2013) Pro Arts Gallery. Oakland, California. Work used for announcement
Conversation Pieces: A Distributed Exhibition, (2012) Brooklyn, Chicago, Florence, MA, Madison, San Francisco, Seattle.
Box Art 2012 Pro Arts Gallery. Oakland, California.
Ossuary, (2012) Chazen Museum of Art. Madison, Wisconsin. (invitational)
Secret Desires, (2011) Mission District. San Francisco. (Curated by Jenny Pritchett)
Re/Vision, (2005) Las Positas Community College.
Interstitial Anthropology, (2002) California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco California. (Curated)
National Small Works Exhibition, (1987) Schoharie Arts Council Gallery, Cobleskill, New York; National Prize. (juried)
A Question of Scale, (1986) Missoula Museum of Art, Missoula, Montana; Honorable Mention; work used on announcement. (juried)
Eye Toys and Mind Games, (1983) solo exhibition, Kirkland Art Center, Clinton, NY.
The Artist Made Object, (1982) Smith Anderson Gallery, Palo Alto, California.
Quik Action, (1982-3) Safeway Stores, Menlo Park, California, Washington, D.C.

MacLeod, A. (2008— ) The Canine in Conversation: Dogs in Metaphor and Idiom Illustrated. Oakland: Dogmatic Technologies.

MacLeod, A. [as Andrew White]. (2011) Chaos and Order in Johnson Vermont. Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT.
MacLeod, A. = K. Hers. (2011) Tabula Non Rasa. Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT.
MacLeod, A. (2010) Visiting Artist Talk. University of Wisconsin Art Department Colloquium Series, Madison, WI, April 13.

MacLeod, A. (2011). disorientalandspace. Estherka. Retrieved from
MacLeod, A. (2007) Facial Discrimination. Oakland: Iconoclastic.
MacLeod, A. (2005) Interrogating interfaces. Media-N.
MacLeod, A. (2001-2004) (The Eye is Not a Camera). Oakland: Iconoclastic.
MacLeod, A. (1996-2000) Hypertextualism. Société Lézard.
MacLeod, A. (1979) Renga, Land of a Hundred Suns, Steam Iron Press.
MacLeod, A. (1978) The Old and the New in Tiny Renga, Irrational Geographic Press.

Alec MacLeod

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User Statement

Appearances can be deceiving. Seeing is believing. Pictures don’t lie. Things are not always what they seem. The paradoxes of our dominant sense—sight—and visual representations are at the heart of my work. We know that our eyes and brain can be fooled, yet we often respond to what we see as highly authoritative. An interdisciplinary artist, exploration of the relationships between appearance and reality, between the seer and the seen takes many forms. The work may exploit or emphasize deception with the intention of challenging our ready acceptance of the “truth” of what we see. It may challenge or expand on our experience of the commonplace or everyday objects. While the questions are serious, much of my work is playful and humorous. The thread that runs through my work is a fascination with the ways that humans see. Why do some things fool the eye? How can we remind ourselves to truly look at the world we inhabit? Are there differences between appearance and reality?