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Mary Margaret

Mary Margaret

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My work (I prefer to call it sacred play) is always personal and most often built on old boxes. I like having a theme and then "staging" a scene using old and recycled objects, ribbons, game pieces, buttons, keys and other garage sale and secondhand store finds. I have noted that I am particularly drawn to incorporating old tools of various trades as an homage to the workers who have used with them. One reason (or four reasons) why I call my pieces "Elemental Assemblages" is because I cast a circle to the four directions before I begin a piece. For me the process is a lot like Swedish sand tray work ( a therapeutic method used with children). I surround myself with an extensive collection of miniature saved and recycled objects. Then I allow meaningful images, dilemmas, fears, hopes and dreams to be accessed through the choice and their placement. This seems to allow conscious and unconscious aspects of my psyche to interact. Sometimes and assemblage s completed in one setting; others take months to complete.