Sheridan Prize for Art

The 2021 Sheridan Prize for Art Archive

My mother Peggy had a profound influence on me and inspired me to make art. She would create little drawings, even while she was talking on the phone!

Now I am influenced by the classical realism style of artists like Rembrandt. What interests me the most in his work is his use of tone and value; he uses the light and dark to draw a viewer’s eye to the subject of a composition. I learned how to do this in my work by studying Dutch masters like Rembrandt. I enjoy showing what I have learned from these masters in my work using color to achieve similar effects as in a black & white tonal scale. My favorite colors to use are on the warm side although I like to contrast them with cool colors to finish my compositions. I am also inspired by “Southwestern art.”
Jeffrey Allen Isom is a 3rd striker doing life at San Quentin state prison. His first wish is to be able to give back to his victims and anyone that he has affected with his criminal behavior. Second, he is an artist who wants to change perceptions about how people view incarcerated persons.

His paintings express what he is passionate about. He brings up environmental issues in his work to express his concern for the planet and for the generations that will follow after him.

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