Experimental Art

This is the category for artists whose artwork is hard to define in other conventional terms. Your work may be time based, or exist outside of the gallery or even easy to access public places. It may be ephemeral. Work may include Performance Art, Installation Art, Conceptual Art, Assemblage, Happenings or short videos of 2 minutes or less. AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based artwork will also be accepted, providing that AI is specifically mentioned as generating the work in the title of each artwork.

If you are a Viewer and visitor, please take a look below at some of the art that has been created in the 9 counties of the Bay Area and in Sacramento and Santa Cruz counties in this first ever Bay Area regional art prize. There are other categories you will find very interesting, please visit this one and all the others as well.

And if you are a viewer, please consider donating a tax-deductible donation or purchase a print from some other Bay Area artists who want to sell some of their work to help fund this first ever regional Prize for Art! Voting for your favorite art to help an artist win a prize after the contest ends November 1 and November 15, 2023.

Artists can upload up to eight (8) of their works of art for $10 each. Your work will be reviewed and then proudly shown on this website for everyone to see. All work shown will be eligible for a Winning Prize or Honorable Mention.

There will be one winner at $500 and an essay and 5 honorable mentions at $100 each! The awards will be cash awards or a gift certificate to a Bay Area store specializing in art-related services for the Experimental Art group. As well there are 2 more voted awards for which all the work will be eligible, to be voted on between Nov. 2 until November 15!

Each category is awarded separately, so that artists are not competing with the entire pool but only those artists within the category they have chosen for each particular work of art. Each artist is eligible for one award per category. Works that have won in the previous Prize for Art are not eligible for the 2023 Sheridan Prize for Art. The Winner and Honorable Mentions will be announced here as soon as possible after November 15! Please also come back after that date to see the results. Good luck everyone!

Alec MacLeod

Alec MacLeod – Juror