Painting / Drawing / Murals

A woman in a kimono watching a kitten play with a demon's head.

The Juror’s Choice for the winning image is “Yoasobi” by Hana Lock

Read An Original Essay On The Winning Artwork For This Category.

Honorable Mentions

Bacchus Fermentus is my entropic take on Caravaggio's famous painting.

“Bacchus Fermentus” by Lee Roswell


“Garden Beneath the Surface” by Bambi Waterman

The Sacred Sea depicts a vast space of ocean and sky. The underlying gold leaf alludes to the spiritual and reflective qualities of nature.

“The Sacred Sea” by Katherine Young

Sierra Juniper, inspiring the Japanese Bonsai, 'Han-kengai,' or semi-cascade. Texture, movement and vitality describe this unique specimen.

“Juniperus Occidentalis I” by Alan Tarbell

Acrylic and spray enamel on museum wrapped canvas.

“Domain for Sale” by Les Phillips

Cast shadows on a street

“Street Shadows” by June Yokell

This series, Skin Deep, is an attempt to expand painting beyond pictures of things, into the realm of objectness.

“Skin Deep 18-1” by Howard Hersh

This acrylic on canvas painting is a study on color theory. I used a combination of different color to create warm and cool values of black

“Yale Court Poppies” by Judith T. Irwin

view on Anderson valley

“Anderson Valley” by Spencer Mack

Drawn while speaking on the phone with a friend about the film “Lawrence of Arabia”.

“Camelitto” by Ken McGhee

This is the category for artists whose essential media are paint on paper, canvas or other medium such as walls. Or drawing. This group can include any colored medium applied over a relatively flat surface. Although, some dimensionality is fine. If you have collaged your work, but it is essentially painted or drawn, you may include that in this category. Or you may also or instead include it in the Experimental Art Category.

If you are a Viewer and visitor, please take a look below at some of the art that has been created in the 9 counties of the Bay Area and Sacramento and Santa Cruz counties in this third year of the first ever Bay Area regional art prize. There are other categories you will find very interesting, please visit this one and all the others as well.

And if you are a viewer, please consider sending a tax-deductible donation or purchase a print from some other Bay Area artists who want to sell some of their work to help fund this third regional Prize for Art!

If you are an artist and you participated in the Prize, you uploaded up to eight (8) of your works of art for $10 each work. Your work was reviewed and then placed on this website for everyone to see, in this and/or one of the other juried categories as you choose. Your work was eligible for a Winning Prize or one of the Honorable Mentions in this category.

There is one winning work of art at $500 plus an essay about their work and 10 honorable mentions at $100 each for the Painting/Drawing/Murals category. One Honorable Mention was given by a very generous donor specifically for the finest Mural Art. The Mural Art award is offered in memoriam for Antonio Ramos, a fine mural artist who was shot and killed while working on a mural in Oakland, CA . The awards are cash awards or a gift certificate to a Bay Area store specializing in art-related services for the Painting/Drawing/Murals group.

As well later there are 2 more awards which your work will also be eligible for, to be VOTED ON by all the participating Artists and another prize voted by Viewers after the Prize for Art closed November 8 and voting ended November 22, 2023!

Each category is awarded separately from the others, so that artists are juried only in the category they have chosen for any work of art and not from the entire pool of participating artists. Each artist is eligible for one award per category. If you won a prize in last year’s Sheridan Prize for Art, any of those works are not eligible to enter the Prize for Art again. The Winner and Honorable Mentions are now being shown here! Please also come back often to see the results. Good luck to everyone!

John Sheridan

John Sheridan – Juror