This part of a series I am working of artists that have made more of a contribution to society in addition to their music.

The Juror’s Choice for the winning sculpture is “A Thousand Beautiful Things (Portrait of Annie Lennox)” by Tony Natsoulas

Read An Original Essay On The Winning Artwork For This Category.

Honorable Mentions

Forest Lustration

“Forest Lustration by the River Lethe, 2010” by Holly Lane

The swirling movement of the piece determined the title and reflectw how I was feeling at the time.

“Flurry” by Mary Oros

"Lauren" data visualization sculpture

“Lauren” by Sawyer Rose

Carved wooden slab on a black wooden wedge, placed on white stone base

“Uphill” by Gregory Vernitsky

This is the category for artists whose artwork is essentially obviously in 3 dimensional media. This group can include any medium freestanding, or hanging off a wall or other traditional ways sculpture is made As well if your sculpture is animated or mechanized.

If you are a Viewer and visitor, please take a look below at some of the art that has been created in the 9 counties of the Bay Area and Sacramento and Santa Cruz counties in this first ever regional series of art prizes. There are other categories you will find very interesting, please visit this one and all the others as well.

And if you are a viewer, please consider donating a tax-deductible donation or purchase a print from some other Bay Area artists who want to sell some of their work to help fund this first ever regional Prize for Art!

If you are an artist and participated in the Prize, you uploaded up to eight (8) of your works of art for $10 each. Your work was reviewed and then placed immediately up on this website for everyone to see, in one of more of the juried categories. All work was then eligible for a Winning Prize or Honorable mention.

There is be a winner at $500 and an essay and 4 honorable mentions at $100 each, per category for a total of 73 prizes! The $100 awards are cash awards or a gift certificate to a Bay Area store specializing in art-related services for the Sculpture group. As well there are 2 more voted awards which your work was also eligible for, to be voted on after the Prize for Art closed on November 8.

Each category is awarded separately. Each artist is eligible for one award per category. Works that have won in the previous Prize for Art are not eligible for the 2023 Sheridan Prize for Art. The Winner and Honorable Mentions are now shown here! Please also come back often to see the results. Good luck everyone!

Kristen Lindseth

Kristin Lindseth – Juror