Women Artists

This layered acrylic painting on canvas is in the scale of my body's limits - how high I can reach and the length of my outstretched arms.

The Juror’s Choice for the winning image is “Dissolution Disillusion” by Rebecca Kaufman

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Honorable Mentions

With "Coated in COVID" I am addressing a concern and experience for the entire world, with a wrap to keep us warm and safe until the threat subsides. Hand crochet and embroidery flow through much of the garment with interpretations of COVID cells. A diagram of a genetic molecular strand of COVID and a high-definition microscopic image are also included. One underarm displays a list of COVID variants and the other underarm, the titles of vaccine research attempts and failures. A neck scarf denotes treatments for those infected with COVID-19. The back of the jacket reminds us of the four years COVID has been active, with a syringe signaling general availability of vaccines beginning in 2021. All the same, COVID continues to fall down all over the world. We need to stay in our wrap for now.

“Coated with COVID” by Marie Bergstedt

Art is the reflection of my inner and outer world. It encourages me to share who am I and how I see the world.

“If I Could Just go Back” by Fernanda Martinez

Large Painting of an older woman based on the 8 of cups tarot card by Pixie Pamela Coleman

“8 of Cups (reversed) 21-869” by Lynne-Rachel Altman

A painting of afternoon light illuminating houses in a San Francisco neighborhood

“Potrero Palm” by Kristina Kent

Maximallist abstract acrylic painting on canvas

“Adornment” by Jennifer Banzaca

Working with collage and assymetry.

“Asymmetrical Rose” by Dee Tivenan

Shapes and forms on a dark background, whimsical, bright colors/oil on canvas

“Kit and Kaboodle II” by Licita Fernandez

At the Women's March there were many signs and banners. I liked this "skateboard" sign.

“Well Behaved Women – Women’s March in Washington DC” by Joy Phoenix

Installation including painting of my mother in the hospital on silk organza with her everyday objects floating behind it.

“Mother” by Laura Malone

This is for women artists, and is open to many different media. If you feel this group does not represent you, please consider entering your work in another category if that is more appropriate, or any of the other groups of art and artists that you wish. An individual artwork can also be entered in more than one category.

If you are a Viewer and visitor, please take a look below at some of the art that has been created in the 9 counties of the Bay Area and Sacramento and Santa Cruz counties in this first ever regional series of art prizes. There are other categories you will find very interesting, please visit this one and all the others as well.

And if you are a viewer, please donate a tax-deductible donation or purchase a print from some other Bay Area artists who want to sell some of their work to help fund this first ever regional Prize for Art!

If you are an artist you uploaded up to eight (8) of your works of art for $10 each. Your work was reviewed and then placed immediately up on this website for everyone to see, in one of more of the juried categories. All work was then eligible for a Winning Prize or Honorable mention.

There is one winner at $500 and an essay and 9 honorable mentions at $100 each! The awards are cash awards or a gift certificate to a Bay Area store specializing in art-related services for the Women Artists group. As well there are 2 more voted awards which your work would also be eligible for, to be voted on after the Prize for Art closed November 8 and voting ended on November 22!

Each category is awarded separately. Each artist is eligible for one award per category. Works that have won in the previous Prize for Art are not eligible for the 2023 Sheridan Prize for Art. The Winner and Honorable Mentions are now shown! Please also come back often to see the results. Good luck everyone!

Holly Wong
Artist: Holly Wong Photographer: John Janca

Holly Wong – Juror