Sheridan Prize for Art

The 2021 Sheridan Prize for Art Archive


The First ever regional art prize in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Sheridan Prize for Art is the first regional art prize in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Prize for Art is now accepting artwork from Bay Area artists from September 7 – November 1, 2022. This is the second year of this historic, regional art prize. The Prize for Art features art submitted from artists who live, work or study in the 9 San Francisco Bay Area counties. Those are San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Mateo, Napa, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma counties.  Click the SIGN UP button above to participate!

There are 10 different Categories of Art and Artists to submit your work to. Each is juried independently from the others and you may submit up to 8 total entries that apply to those Categories, as you choose. They are: Painting/Drawing, Sculpture, Photography, Printmaking, Experimental Art, Women Artists, Artists of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+ Artists, Incarcerated Artists and Immigrant Artists.

Two more Categories of Art with prizes will be offered as well that won’t be juried but will be voted on, an Artists’ Choice and a Peoples’ Choice, after the Prize for Art closes after November 1. These 2 groups or categories will await your votes and they and all of the winning prizes and honorable mentions will be announced on November 14, 2022 or the next day. If you are a participating artist I wish you great good luck but more than a prize it is the participation and inclusion of your work that truly counts in building an entirely new stage for your work and the work of all Bay Area artists. But here is one of the biggest innovations of the Sheridan Prize for Art: There will be 72 cash awards of between $500 and $100 given! Or $100 off at Bay Area artist services.  This is a huge increase compared to the prizes from other competitions.

So if you love and support art plan to visit here again often. And if you would like to participate as an artist, Sign Up (see above ‘Sign Up’ button) and you will then see instructions on how to upload and pay for your work. It is only $10.00 per submitted work along with external links you may wish to provide and a 500 word artist’s statement if you like. You and everyone else will see your work and, once approved, it will appear quickly on the website under the category or group you chose your work to be seen in.

There will be prizewinners in each of the 12 categories of art and also Honorable Mentions for a total of 72 cash awards in the only Art Prize dedicated to acknowledging, celebrating and showcasing the best art of the San Francisco Bay Area. The 12 winning works of art will also have an essay written on them by the very talented longtime Bay Area art critic Harry Roche or by John Sheridan.

About The Prize

This Prize for Art came about from my observations of the artworld in the Bay Area over many years. As costs have skyrocketed for rent for artists’ studios and galleries and venues as well as for everything else, it seemed to me that artists in the Bay Area needed a lot of help, which was not being provided to them. Newspapers and magazines have largely stopped covering the arts on a consistent and thorough basis, venues are closing, artists are finding they must leave the Bay Area or face a difficult time if they want to remain artists. All this is unnecessary but it is the terrible environment artists find themselves in.

I wanted to create something to help as many people as possible and it seemed the only way to do that was to create a new space, never before tried in the Bay Area, that was open to ALL artists at low or no cost, with a very large number of cash awards, compared to the usual 3 to 5 of most art competitions. And then hold it annually so that it could, conceivably, become an anticipated event that would showcase as many artists who wished to participate as possible. Without curation and without gate-keeping or censorship. Hate speech is the only thing that is not allowed, but all other experiments are.

I hope people will view this Prize for Art as a new infrastructure, long-needed in the Bay Area artworld, and the beginning of some kind of remedy for the neglect artists have endured for many years. Something for everyone, it is hoped.

This slideshow is of some of the excellent art submitted last year


Here are the 12 Categories for the 2022 Prize. Artists may SIGN UP (above) and then LOG IN to upload their work which will appear in the Category they choose (except the Artists and People's Choice, which will be voted on after November 1) from Sept. 7 - November 1, 2022.
Look here to see their work as it is uploaded.

Please click on the links below to visit each of the 12 different groups of art and artists who are participating in this historic Prize for Art.


You may very easily make a tax deductible donation, through The Sheridan Prize for Art's fiscal sponsor, Independent Arts & Media, located in San Francisco. The button for that is at the top of this Home Page. Your donation will be gratefully received. Also please consider sponsoring one or more of the cash awards! If you donate $100 or $500 your name or your company's name can be placed next to the award to show everyone that you donated for one of the prizes of your choice. Please contact us and let us know which prize you would like to the sponsor.


Please support the Sheridan Prize for Art by purchasing prints partially donated by artists to help raise funds for this Prize. See the button at the top of this home page. The works of art are not a part of the competition but are very high-quality works of art with the proceeds split between the artist and the Prize for art. Your help in purchasing one or more of these prints will be greatly appreciated to defray some of the costs of putting on The Sheridan Prize for Art.