“I am absolutely blown away by the work that John Sheridan does with the Sheridan Prize for Art. It is just these kinds of initiatives, focused on local artists; and absolutely inclusive of all, including those presently incarcerated and others. The Sheridan Prize for Art inspires us all to think about the difference we can each make in the world.”

— James G. Leventhal, Executive Director, ICA San Jose

The Sheridan Prize for Art is accepting donations from art lovers and those of us who want to support creating new and better opportunities, showcases, acknowledgement and awards for Artists in the Bay Area.

This Prize is being fiscally sponsored by Independent Media & Arts of San Francisco, a 501 (c)(3) charity. Please donate here and you will be acknowledged below by name (if you like, just let us know!) and we will be glad to include you on our Wall of Fame.

Your donation will be tax-deductible to the full extent possible, and you will be a great and appreciated pioneer in aiding the third ever Sheridan Prize for Art in its goal of giving ALL our living artists a platform to showcase their art – something that has never been done before.

The Sheridan Prize for Art Wall of Fame. Donors who have given so generously to help the arts:

2023 DONORS:

Supporter – $99

John Sheridan

Joan Lovell

Pete Stadier

Kurti Ribak

Kenneth Kilgour

Maria Abrams

Jane Cole

Fred Dodsworth

Alec MacLeod

Kim Mason

Charlene Milgrim

Guardian $100 – $199

Eileen Martin

Friend $200 – $399

Patron $400 to infinity!

E.M. Ginger

Award Donors

Dan Fontes – Mural Art

Our Generous Sponsors